Review: RESO by Mastering The Mix

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Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. RESO by Mastering The Mix helps you identify which specific frequencies are causing problems. It also guides you on how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without making your mix sound thin.

Our Review

The harsh unpleasant resonances are everyone’s nightmare. The mixing engineer can spend a lot of time correcting them. But not anymore! Because RESO comes to help. This amazing plugin can help you identify which frequencies are causing the problems and also provides the exact amount of reduction needed to dynamically solve these issues.

RESO has super-transparent mastering-grade filters. These help you clean up resonances without affecting your transients and phase, so every correction is made in the most transparent way possible. Your music material remains intact, but resonance-free!

Mastering The Mix is a plugin developer known for its great plugins and RESO makes no exception. The main interface design is looking great, simple but effective.

RESO 01 590x282 - Review: RESO by Mastering The Mix
RESO Main Interface

You can use RESO on any channel, whether it’s a vocal, guitar, synth, drum loop or mastering bus.

Reso 02 590x283 - Review: RESO by Mastering The Mix
RESO Frequency Spectrum

Thanks to the ‘Calculate Targets’ feature the plugin will analyze your audio and find the resonant frequencies. It will also give you ‘Target Nodes’ showing how much reduction is needed to solve the resonance in a transparent way. Once you ‘Engage Targets’ the dynamic reduction takes place and your material is free of ugly resonances!

Reso 03 590x284 - Review: RESO by Mastering The Mix
RESO Targets being calculated

The Q is automatically optimized for the node frequency but you can use the scroll to adjust it to your preference. You can also double click anywhere in the main window to create a new node.

Reso 04 590x285 - Review: RESO by Mastering The Mix
RESO Targets engaged

There are no presets available because you don’t need them. RESO will help you identify the problematic frequencies depending on each material.

Enough talking, let’s hear the plugin in action. We’ve chosen several tracks in bypass/active mode. As you can hear, the material source remains intact, without sounding thin, but becomes resonance free. Everything happens in a very transparent way. You can tweak each node to perfection, you can disable certain nodes or create your own, the possibilities are endless!


Time for conclusions! RESO is a great plugin, a real time saver, especially if you’re working with many tracks. Not to mention you can tweak each instance to perfection. We like that this plugin can detect even the smallest resonances which the untrained ears can’t hear. We loved using RESO especially on the individual channels where the musical content doesn’t change too much over time. Of course you can also use it on the mix bus but you need to pay attention to the new musical elements in your mix as the plugin only works on the selected frequencies. Overall, it’s another great plugin from Mastering The Mix, 5 stars rating! These guys really know how to bring a solution for every mix problem 🙂

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