jupiterdrums 582x290 - Samples From Mars releases "Jupiter Drums From Mars"

Samples From Mars releases “Jupiter Drums From Mars”

Jupiter Drums From Mars is a collection of raw, analog drum hits synthesized from scratch using the Jupiter 4 synthesizer, and captured cleanly through an API 1608 console with no processing or layering whatsoever. 

Jupiter 1024x1024 - Samples From Mars releases "Jupiter Drums From Mars"


  • 192 24bit WAV Samples
  • Custom, Analog drum hits synthesized from scratch
  • Roland Bass Drums, Analog Snares, Cutting Claps, White Noise Hats, Cosmic Toms, Crashes, Percussion, Maracas, and Wonky FX.
  • Fully analog white noise snaps, zaps and pops
  • Sub bass kicks, distorted bells, whistles, lasers and more
  • Sampled through an API 1608 console and Apogee Symphony
  • 100% Hardware processing
  • (13) 16x Hit Kits for easy jamming
  • 108.3 MB Unzipped

Available at Samples From Mars for only $19.00

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