FabFilter Pro plug-ins now available in AUv3 format on iOS

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FabFilter is proud to announce that all FabFilter Pro plug-ins are now available as AUv3 plug-ins on iOS, so they can be used in any AUv3-compatible host. Compatible hosts include Auria, GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, and n-Track Pro.

Upgrading to FabFilter Pro-Q 3 (AUv3) 
If you purchased the AUv3 plug-in version of FabFilter Pro-Q 2 for iOS before, you can upgrade to the AUv3 version of Pro-Q 3 by buying the Pro-Q 3 Upgrade Bundle. The amount that you paid for Pro-Q 2 (AUv3) will be deducted from the bundle price, resulting in up to 50% discount for the upgrade.

About FabFilter plug-ins in Auria 
Until recently, FabFilter plug-ins were only available on iOS as in-app purchases in the popular host Auria. If you are using our plug-ins in Auria, you can of course continue to do so and we will keep supporting them. New plug-ins, like Pro-Q 3, will only be made available in the AUv3 format: you can use these both in Auria and in other hosts. 

Unfortunately, App Store limitations make it impossible to offer an upgrade path from the plug-ins bought as in-app purchases in Auria to the new AUv3 plug-ins: we don’t know who bought the in-app plug-ins and the App Store doesn’t let us offer custom discounts to our users. This is one of the reasons for the vastly reduced prices on iOS compared to our regular plug-ins for Mac and Windows.

View in App Store (iPad only): www.fabfilter.com/ios

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