BWS 2 3 Main 8C 464x290 - Bitwig Studio 3 is out now

Bitwig Studio 3 is out now

Bitwig Studio is a dynamic software for creating and performing your musical ideas in the studio and on stage.

BWS3 Box 4C v2 1024x673 - Bitwig Studio 3 is out now

A short list of what’s new in Bitwig Studio 3, including new worlds of modular expression:

  • The Grid, a modular sound design environment sporting 154 modules and lightning-fast workflows
  • Poly Grid device: for creating synthesizers, sequenced patches, and more
  • FX Grid device: for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking
  • Automatic Project Backups, each time you re-save a project
  • Realtime Ruler, showing timelines in minutes and seconds
  • Ableton LINK version 3, supporting start/stop synchronization
  • Global GUI Contrast settings, making the interface pop on any monitor
  • Redesigned Instrument Inspector, offering polyphony, two mono voice modes, and more
  • VU Meters in Routing Choosers, showing the signal you are looking for
  • Reworked audio backends, sporting timing improvements on all platforms

For more details please check Bitwig