lvc 511x290 - LVC-Audio releases Clipped-MAX

LVC-Audio releases Clipped-MAX

LVC-Audio has released Clipped-MAX, a multifaced clipping tool designed for a wide range of mixing and mastering applications – from subtle to extreme.

lvc - LVC-Audio releases Clipped-MAX


  • Resizable interface with changeable colors
  • Output metering – true peak and EBU options
  • AutoGain control for comparing processed and unprocessed sounds objectively
  • Minimum and Linear phase oversampling – up to 128x
  • Standard LVC-Audio features such as VU, peak, and RMS metering, FFT spectrum analyzer, stereo vectorscope, and Mix control

Price: $50 – Until July 31st, the sale price is $25.

For more details check LVC-Audio