Trackspacer 2 529x290 - Review: Trackspacer by Wavesfactory

Review: Trackspacer by Wavesfactory

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Trackspacer is an award-nominated plugin that creates space in a mix by carving the frequencies that the main track needs into another track in real-time.

Trackspacer is no ordinary plugin, it is similar to a sidechain compressor plugin but much more powerful, transparent and precise.

TapeOp said: “TrackSpacer is a ridiculously affordable, easy way to get various elements of your mix to interact in useful and musical ways… Final words: buy it! It works!”

Insert it in a track and see for yourself what Trackspacer can do for you.
Available for VST, VST3, AU and AAX (64 bit only).

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The Trackspacer plugin features a 32 band EQ that reacts to the incoming sidechain signal. It analyses the spectrum of the sidechain and applies a reversed EQ curve to another track. As if by magic, Trackspacer creates space for the primary track by cutting the exact frequencies on other tracks.

No more fighting for space for the vocal in a mix, or any other instrument for that matter. If you have a solo that needs the room to breathe then Trackspacer makes the task easy.
Complicated automation moves on your mix are a thing of the past!

Like SOS Magazine said about Trackspacer: “sometimes the simplest ideas are the best”. 

Trackspacer features a big centred knob that lets you set the amount of reduction applied in a simple and straightforward way, but it also features a set of parameters that let’s you go deep into how the signal is processed.

With the introduction of version 2.0 the Trackspacer plugin got a host of improvements:

  • Pan: lets you choose exactly where you want to apply the effect. In default stereo mode you can select the left channel, right channel or anything in between.
  • M/S: in Mid / Side mode you can apply the effect to the mid-channel, the sides or anything in between.
  • Attack/Release: set how Trackspacer reacts to the incoming signal, making it smoother or punchier like a regular compressor plugin.
  • Sidechain: lets you listen to the incoming sidechain for easy tweaking of the low-cut and high-cut filters.

Compressors react to the amplitude/volume/level of the audio signal on the track. Based on how loud the source signal is, they apply more or less compression.
Multi-band compressors split the signal in different bands and apply different settings on each band, but the detection is still the same as regular ones.

Trackspacer splits the sidechain source signal into 32 bands and analyses them individually. Then, it reverses the result and applies a 32 band EQ to duck (or carve) those exact same frequencies, giving the source track the space it needs to occupy in the mix… and all in real time!

That’s why the Trackspacer plugin is much better, more transparent and easier to use than regular compressors. It’s all in the detection!

Our Review

Using Trackspacer is very very easy.

Let’s start with the kick and the bass. We’re willing to make space for the kick by carving out some bass frequencies, so let’s do it! First we sidechain the kick to the bass. Secondly we insert Trackspacer on the channel where the frequencies will be affected (the bass). Now the kick will trigger the plugin and Trackspacer will carve space in the bass frequencies. Isn’t that cool?

You can also use Trackspacer for vocals and guitar or piano, narration/podcast vocals and background music, practically for anything where you have frequencies clashing and you need to carve some space in one to make room for the other.

Enough for the talking, now let’s watch some videos showing how easily Trackspacer works.

  • Kick and bass

In this video we’re making space for the kick by using Trackspacer on the bass channel. The cool bass loop is provided by Loopcloud.

  • Rap vocals and guitar

In this video we’re making space for the rap vocals by using Trackspacer on the guitar channel. The cool rap vocals and the guitar loop are both provided by Loopcloud.

  • Narration and background music

In this video we’re making space for the narration vocal by using Trackspacer on the background music channel.

The conclusion is simple: Trackspacer does a great job and it does it fast! A very nice piece to have in your plugin arsenal at a very affordable price.

Our Ratings

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Features: image.php?img=08 - Review: Trackspacer by Wavesfactory (5 / 5)

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