unnamed 433x290 - Plugin Alliance releases  Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Plugin Alliance releases Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Meticulously modeled by Brainworx after the legendary hardware, no details have been spared when crafting the digital version of one of the most musical and versatile compressors out there. A well known staple in the industry, the Shadow Hills compressor easily tames even the most unruly and chaotic transients with flawless tone and control. It’s no wonder that it has been the go-to buss compressor on timeless records by Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beck, Green Day, Coldplay and countless others.

unnamed - Plugin Alliance releases  Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


  • Exacting emulation of the original Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and approved and endorsed by Peter Reardon – the founder of Shadow Hills Industries himself.
  • A selection of three different types of output transformers – Nickel, which adds a nice top end sparkle. Iron which adds a little character in the mid’s, and Steel which adds additional harmonic distortion.
  • separate Optical and Discrete compression sections for two-stage compression techniques.
  • Stereo and dual-mono modes
  • BRAINWORX Plugin Only Features added to the Toolbar:
    • Parallel Mix
    • Sidechain Filter – 20Hz – 666Hz (continuously variable 12 dB per octave high pass filter)
    • External Sidechain

Download and try today – On Sale July 15

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