What is Delay?

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Delay is a time-based effect commonly used in audio mixing. It creates a repetitive echo that can add depth and dimension to a mix. There are a few key parameters you can adjust to create the desired effect:

  1. Time: This sets the amount of time between each repetition of the echo.
  2. Feedback: This sets the amount of the delayed sound that is fed back into the delay effect, creating a longer, more sustained echo.
  3. Mix: This sets the balance between the original sound and the delayed sound.
  4. Filter: This allows you to shape the sound of the delay by cutting or boosting certain frequencies.

To use delay effectively in a mix, it’s important to consider the musical context and the role the delayed sound is meant to play. Too much delay can make a mix sound cluttered and washy, while too little delay can make it sound flat and uninteresting. Experiment with different settings and listen to the effect they have on your mix.